17.11.2021 – 11.9.2022

...the exhibition is over!
Raccoons, giant hogweed, tiger mosquitoes  – more and more new species are turning up in our region. Some benefit the ecosystem, but others can become problematic.
Neobiota, domestic and invasive species, “returners” – what do these terms mean? Who are the real newcomers in our area, and who has been here longer than we might think? What sort of transition is taking place in the wildlife here in the Upper Rhine region?
This exhibition shows how animals, plants and fungi make their way to us, the effects they have on their new biosphere, and what the future may look like. Specially created specimens and exceptional large-scale models set against an appealing backdrop accompany you along this exciting walk through the exhibition.
In addition to exhibition items and texts, there are microscopes making the invisible visible, while videos, interviews and animal sounds as well as sniffing stations and hands-on displays breathe life into the topics and let you experience them with all of your senses. This also makes the exhibition barrier-free for those with disabilities. Interactive stations and digital games give you the chance to encounter the museum actively.
We have structured the exhibition into eight subcategories which give you a wide-ranging overview of this extremely relevant and exciting topic.